stklos-compile - Compiles a STklos file to byte-codes


The stklos-compile compiles a STklos file to byte-codes. For now, this command is very poor, it should be extended in the future.


Here are the options available in the version @VERSION@ of stklos.
--case-sensitive, -c
Symbols are case sensitive
--case-insensitive, -i
Symbols are case insensitive
--colon-position, -p <pos>
Tells the reader the allowed position for colon in symbols to interpret them as keywords. Allowed values are none, before, after, both.
--output=<file>, -o <file>
Output the compiled code in the given file instead of a.out.
--C-code, -C
Produce the byte-code in a C file instead of a ".ostk" file.
--evalute=<expr>, e <expr>
Evaluate the Sexpr <expr> before starting compilation. This is useful, for loading files which are needed for the compilation (e.g. files defining new syntaxes).
--line-info, -l
Generate line informations to ease debugging (incurs a small performance penalty).
--show-instructions, -S
Produce the VM instructions in the generated file. Actually, it is probably only useful if you want to hack the VM.
--prepend-load-path=<dir>, -L <dir>
Prepend the directory <dir> to the compiler loading path.
Append the directory <dir> to the compiler loading path.
Do not display the compilation time
--help | -h | -?
Show help.


stklos(1) stklos-config(1)

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