stklos-config - stklos libraries and component information retrieval.


The stklos-config permits to obtain informations about the stklos version installed on a system. The values returned by this command are hard-coded when the system is configured.


Here are the options available in the version @VERSION@ of stklos.
--prefix | -p
Prefix that was given during the build.
--version | -v
The version of STklos that is installed.
--compile | -c
The command that should be run to compile shared libraries.
--link | -l
The command that should be used to link shared libraries.
Value of CC used to compile STklos
Value of CFLAGS used to compile STklos
Value of LDFLAGS used to compile STklos
--shared-suffix | -s
The suffix for shared libraries.
--threads | -t
The name thread system compiled in stklos.
--libraries | -L
Display informations on the libraries which are compiled and the one which are used when the system was compiled
--help | -h | -?
Show a list of options


stklos(1) stklos-compile(1)

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